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LICSW/LCSW-C Founder/CEO/Clinical Director

I am a licensed psychotherapist and Certified Professional Coach with expertise in leading, coaching and guiding strong men and women through the twists and turns of life, business and love. I’ve been most successful with helping those who are challenged with feeling unsupported, unheard, stuck in a cycle, and/or taken for granted by those they care for the most.

I am skilled at listening and breaking big problems down into small action steps that will help you to feel less overwhelmed so you can breathe again. I’m known for my “realness” and “out of the box” thinking. I will not hesitate to introduce social justice issues, laughter, art, pop culture, reality show and music references into our work together. I work virtually so long as you have internet or phone access… We can make this work.

No Matter If you Want Life Coaching or Therapy… I got you!

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