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Breakthrough before you breakdown

I get it… you are holding EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY together. You are the super friend that everyone calls when their life is falling apart. You are a leader at work, the owner of a business, you keep your household together, you’re the problem solver and people look to you to get things done. They love you because you are at the top of your game and on most days, you have it ALL together.

On the other hand…..

There are those days when you are FALLING APART and you don’t have anyone strong enough to support you as you piece yourself back together. You try to reach out and talk to your friends and family but their best advice is, “I know you will figure it out, YOU ARE STRONG” and somehow you find yourself talking about THEIR issues AGAIN. You cringe, stuff your feelings aside and continue to be THE STRONG FRIEND.


Eye In Me is here for the STRONG FRIEND. Every strong friend needs a strong team of support whether it be a life coach or a therapist. We know that you are human and you could use a little guidance sometimes. You may even be secretly overthinking, sad, or worried and need therapy. Either way, you need somebody to LISTEN, SUPPORT, AND ENCOURAGE you too. Most strong friends know that they’ll be okay in the end, but could use somebody to be there during the process. The good news is that we are here for it, every minute of it!

Every Strong Friend needs a Strong Team!

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Shatiea Blount | LICSW, LCSW-C, CPC

Shatiea Blount | LICSW, LCSW-C, CPC


I am a licensed psychotherapist and Certified Professional Coach with expertise in leading, coaching and guiding strong men and women through the twists and turns of life, business and love. I’ve been most successful with helping those who are challenged with feeling unsupported, unheard, stuck in a cycle, and/or taken for granted by those they care for the most.

I am skilled at listening and breaking big problems down into small action steps that will help you to feel less overwhelmed so you can breathe again. I’m known for my “realness” and “out of the box” thinking. I will not hesitate to introduce social justice issues, laughter, art, pop culture, reality show and music references into our work together. I work virtually so long as you have internet or phone access… We can make this work.

No Matter If you Want Life Coaching or Therapy… I got you!

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  • Coaching: Next Step Transition Coaching Package
  • $100Per Session
  • This package is for the strong friend who wants support getting to the next step in a life, business, or love goal. We discover what is holding you back, create a step by step plan, and get you from point A to point B in 4 sessions flat.
  • Sessions are 30 minutes with email and text support in-between sessions. You must commit to all sessions upon scheduling. 
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  • Coaching: One Time Deep Dive (Single Session)
  • $200Per Session
  • This one time 60-90 minute deep diving life coaching session designed for the strong friend who feels overwhelmed in general and wants to put the pieces together, get to the root, and resolve a life, business, or love issue. You will leave this session with clarity.  
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Help For The Strong Friend

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